Report from the International NoG20 preparatory Meeting, April 7 in Hamburg

We are loud we are many, the world will hear us!
NoG20 international

60 activists from various networks and European regions confirm their commitment to push for the transnationalization of the G20 protest and coordinate our efforts: We are loud we are many, the world will hear us!

On April 7, 2017, we met in Hamburg for the first Inter/Transnational No-g20 meeting to map, prepare and organize for the transnational mobilization and participation in the broad protests against the G20 summit that will take place July 7 & 8 in the midst and centre of Hamburg. We met for a day long face to face meeting after three months of communicating mainly through mails and a mailing list, by meeting in conference calls or at other (transnational) meetings.

We had a full day of productive discussions on the significance of an inter-/transnational convergence of struggles, protests and resistance in this historical moment.

It is a moment of turbulent, violent, multiple crisis with an open end: there is an even more violent neoliberalism on the brink of developing and/or an autocratic, nationalist, right wing global agenda in the making. Both “options” are two sides of the same coin, we agreed. Both might even be very compatible with each other. However, this moment is also a moment of manifold struggles that take the streets and squares worldwide, that organize locally, regionally and globally against the impositions from above and that demonstrate there are alternatives being build, another world is possible! 

Therefore, in these times the G20 summit and it’s protests offer us the occasion (and obligation) to build from our different struggles and rich connections a transnational oppositional bloc from below against neoliberalism and the nationalist resurge. A bloc that articulates not only what “globalization” means in its ninth year of “fundamental global crises” but that we have good reasons to be outraged of the further neoliberalization and nationalization of the social. Because we think, that the G 20 protests in Hamburg should be international in its core and that it offers us at the same time the opportunity to build furthermore an international movement, an international call to join the protests has been published and disseminated already; you can see it in many languages at If you want to sign send an email to Other calls and open letters to join the protests have also written, as a call by Christian groups as well as an open letter to European movements to use the g20 as an important space and step (see

The “compact week of protest” already organized by a broad range of alliances, networks, organizations and movements in Germany in the days of the official summit in Hamburg offer the space for international movements to internationalize the protests. This “compact week” provides a range of very different activities for all of us. From a two day “Summit for Global Solidarity” (July 5 & 6), a day of action and civil disobedience at the red zone, the harbor, climate changes production sites etc. (July 7) to a mass demonstration “Solidarity beyond borders instead of G20” (on July 8) and many more activities. In all these various actions we can converge in discussions and fruitful debates, protest on the streets and squares of Hamburg as well as come together in huge numbers in the center of the city joined against the politics of the G20 (for a detailed description see:

In the report you can find more details about the political discussion and the composition of the meeting, read about the already started process and components of the protest; and most importantly, you can learn about our agreements and work processes and how to participate and connect to them. Stay tuned by joining the mailing list (to subscribe go to: For any question, connections to the work groups and updates see: or write to Now read on …..

Detailed Report from the International No-g20 Preparatory Meeting, April 7 in Hamburg: