Demonstration: We are here!

Refugees und Migrant*innen fordern: Stoppt Kolonisierung, Ausbeutung und Krieg!

Wir – Geflüchtete, Migrant*innen und unsere Netzwerke fordern:

→ Stoppt Kolonisierung, Ausbeutung und Krieg!
Entschuldigung und Kompensation!

→ Für das Recht zu kommen und zu gehen!
Stoppt das Sterben! Migrationspolitiken ändern!

→ Keine Abschiebungen! Bleiberecht für alle!
Keine Lager! Wohnungen und gleiche Rechte für alle!

→ Stoppt Rassismus! Stoppt die Angst!
Brecht das Schweigen! Solidarität!

Welcome united – we'll come united!
Demonstration: Sa 24.6.2017
14:00, Hachmannplatz/Hauptbahnhof HH

Global Solidarity Summit

The alternative to the G20 Summit in Hamburg – Call for participation
Die Alternative zum G20-Gipfel in Hamburg – Gipfel für globale Solidarität

On 7 and 8 July 2017, the Leaders of the Group of 20 (G20) will meet in Hamburg. This self-styled club of 19 of the most powerful economies in the world and the EU claims to fight global crises. However, reality reveals a different picture:

We are many! We are loud! Τhe world will hear us

International Call, NoG20 international

July 2017, the G20 summit in Hamburg. With the world’s 20 most powerful leaders, in a world in deep crisis and turmoil, the world’s media will be present. But it is not only the powerful and mighty who will be there. We will make sure that the voices of the many different struggles around the globe will be “on air” as well: the voices against social inequality, austerity and exploitation; the voices against war and manmade eco-disaster; our voices for solidarity, other choices and visions. We know that we can make our voices heard, if we are loud and clear.

Block the summit, Reclaim the city!

Hamburg, July 7th A disobedient mass actionnat the red zone

This is our action plan for the first day of the G20 Summit. Numerous different groups and move-ments have, during two Red Zone Action Working Group meetings in January and February 2017, contributed to the drafting and discussion of this proposal. We collectively adopted the following action plan which will serve as a reference framework and an orientation

State of emergency: The G20 occupy the city


April 7 from 11 am to 6 pm (in Hamburg) Invitation to an International meeting to prepare the mobilisation against G20 summit

Invitation to an International meeting
to prepare the mobilisation against G20 summit, July 7th/8th in Hamburg
April 7 from 11 am to 6 pm (in Hamburg)
(More soon at or write to

Invitation to the second Action-Conference against the G20-Summit in Hamburg

With a fresh breeze – we warm up for G20!

From Hamburg to Munich, from Barcelona to Athens, from Toronto to Sydney activists prepare themselves for the protests against the G20-summit – for a whole week before the summit, Hamburg will be the location for manifold protests. Together we are going to pinpoint the limitations of power of the statesmen and -women in our city. We are going to present our solidary alternatives to their murderous, capitalist politics of disintegration that lead to wars, to the devastation of natural environment and to million fold forced migration and global poverty.

Call to Action

Demonstration gegen das G20-Finanzministertreffen in Baden-Baden

The Finance Ministers of the G20 countries will meet on the 17th and 18th March in Baden-Baden in preparation for the G20 summit in Hamburg taking place from July 7th – 9th. Twenty governments, together with the representatives of the global finance institutions, will decide on policies which shape the future of people in every country of the world.


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