Invitation to the rst Action-Conference against the G20 Summit 2017

Hamburg, 3-4 December 2016

Location: HAW (Hochschule für Angewandte Wissenschaften Hamburg), Alexanderstraße 1 20099 Hamburg. How to get there: 15mins walking distance from Hamburg central station or U-Lohmühlenstraße (U1), or follow the link.

Dear friends, international fellows and interested people,

In July 2017 the G20 summit will take place in the heart of Hamburg. This will bring to the city the heads of the governments of the 19 richest and most powerful states of the world, accompanied by 6.000 delegation members, surrounded and permanently photographed by 3.000 journalists and of course cordoned o and protected by an army of at least 10.000 police and secret service forces .

On the occasion of this summit, the political representatives of this world ́s disorder will come together: Erdogan from Turkey, Putin from Russia, the cold putschist Temer from Brazil, and nally Donald Trump. Not to mention the political elites from China or India. And the allegedly very democratic governments of Western Europe? They are the ones building walls and fences, coldly letting people who ee from war and destruction drown at sea. We will show them that they are not welcome in Hamburg!

While these political representatives meet in the centre of Hamburg – in the exhibition halls, the town hall, the Elbphilharmonie - the residents are supposed to give way for an orchestration of power. Large-scale and multilevel barriers, ID controls, evacuated apartments: a living city is turned into a dead scenery.

The main point of this performance is to provide the illusion that the political elites of global capitalism have everything well under control, that they are somehow capable of providing security, peace, livelihood and a real future perspective to the people of the world. But we are witnessing the exact opposite: the prevailing world order is a further escalating disorder of brutal social inequality, structurally embedded sexism and racism, ecological destruction and spreading wars. Millions of people are forced to ee, billions are struggling to survive and the number of people that is a ected by social insecurity is continuously rising. At the same time a small global upper class is getting richer and richer.

Let’s show that they can’t meet in Hamburg without disturbance. It’s time to take the streets and stand up against their world of destruction and sadness.

In many political groups and networks the discussions on how to organize the necessary protests and actions against the G20 Summit have already begun. Since the early summer, a a variety of actors - ranging from numerous NGOs, the left party Die Linke, unions and anti-globalization groups like attac, to radical left groups such as the Interventionistische Linke and UmsGanze - are planning and discussing possible actions against the G20 summit in Hamburg. The breadth of the process reaches from plans for a counter summit and rst ideas for action days to a broad mass demonstration.

G20 is an international summit so the planning of activities against it isn’t just a matter of local or German groups. We want to start with the international collaboration early to identify with as many groups, networks, movements and organisations as possible if and how G20 could be a place of a common struggle; a point where we can converge our criticism against the rulers of the world, against the European regime, against the German government and against the economic elites.

  •   How can we imagine a broad, European wide and international process? What are the important di erences and lessons from the previous anti-globalisation movement? How can we develop past approaches?
  •   How can a broad transnational participation be enabled in the preparation and process of discussions? Is there interest in having a common international platform?
  •   How can we manage to productively unite social breadth and radical resistance? How can we accomplish a con dent and honest communication to enable di erent ideas of protest?

    To discuss the various questions and start planning our protest, we are inviting all activists and people who want to become active against the G20 summit to come to the rst action conference.

    The action conference shall provide the space for communication, for common planning and for arranging how di erent ideas can complement each other. No matter which focus of criticism of the G20 Summit, no matter which forms of actions or expression preferred: let ́s bring various practices of resistances together, let ́s make the possibility of a di erent world, a world of justice and solidarity appear in them. This requires a lot of planning, communication and in particular building a trustful collaboration. So let ́s get started, time is running!

    Come to Hamburg on the 3-4 December and bring your ideas and questions! Then the pictures that will go around the world in July 2017 will be completely di erent to those the summit strategists wish for.

    Networks inviting to the action conference are:

  • AStA der HAW
  • Gegenstrom/Ende Gelände Hamburg
  • Group for the organized contradiction(Grow), Hamburg
  • Interventionist Left Hamburg
  • JXK Hamburg – Association of women students from Kurdistan
  • Network “Right to the city“ Hamburg
  • Project for a revolutionary perspectiv Hamburg
  • YXK Hamburg – Association of students from Kurdistan
  • “Right to the city - never mind the papers!"

To stay in touch about the activities against the G20 summit, suscribe to the english Email list: international@g20-2017.org.

More Info on: www.g20hamburg.org